Single vs Multi The Great Debate


If you are a bowhunter, you should be aware of the great debate between the single pin vs multi-pin bow sight. There are many pros and cons to using each. When it comes down to it, picking between the two is a hunter’s personal choice. The preferences of the hunter come down to your shooting style or your arrow speed. No matter which side of the debate you like the most, it takes practice and a lot of patience to perfect bow hunting.

Advantages of Multi Pin

One of the biggest advantages of using the multi-pin bow sight is that you have a bigger range at full draw. According to P.J. Reilly, “You’ll have a pin to hold dead on your target at each of these distances, and then you’ll have to aim high or low with the appropriate pin for distances in between.” If the animal begins to move on you after you draw, you’ll still have a good chance of landing your shot. You can also adapt to a close range as well. The ability to adapt on the fly is why the multi-pin bow sight is better than a single pin.

Disadvantages of Multi Pin

With having multiple pins in your sight, the ability to get confused or scrambled can be easy. Stories of hunters losing track of their main target are common with multi-pin sights because you have more than one sight to look at. Pin gapping is another problem if you are trying to track an animal between two markers. At that point, it is more of a feel, and you must choose which pin to shoot from, which may not be accurate.

Advantages of Single Pin

Compared to the multi-pin, the single pin has a clear shot with an open lane to shoot with no confusion. With only one pin to look at, you can set your distance and trust yourself to let that arrow fly. The single pin allows you to gauge your distance and range from the animal more accurately. It is an easy setup and gives you the ability to shoot at longer ranges.

Disadvantages of Single Pin

The biggest problem hunters have with a single pin is that once you have your target set, it is harder to shoot if the animals move. Your range is already set and to reset it would take the time that you might not have if the animal is running away.


Practice makes perfect. Whether you are a beginner or a pro to be able to find the most comfortable shot for yourself takes time and practice. Both the multi-pin and the single pin have their advantages and disadvantages. If you practice and are honest with yourself as a hunter, then you should be able to pick which one you like better. This video link explains the importance of being honest with yourself and choosing the right pin to use when you are out on your hunt. So, choose wisely and be safe while you’re bow hunting.

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